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Bright Business offers an innovative remote broadcasting solution to bring your projects to life.


The strength of this system is very simple, the content broadcast on the screens is manageable in real time!

An important announcement to broadcast? A promotion to display?


Everything can be managed remotely.

Several formats are possible! Tablet screens, 32 inches, 55 inches, etc.

Bright Business has worked for more than 10 years in the world of Digital Signage, each project is a new challenge that we are ready to take up.


Discover some examples of our products below:

BRIGHT MEDIA - Mockup - Ecran taxis

Example of a screen network for the transport sector.


Bright Business is proud to introduce you to a premier partner in the real-time broadcast solutions world.

Nodeark is an innovation company founded in Sweden in 2014. Nodeark was founded with the aim of fundamentally changing screen communication by bringing innovation, MAM/MRM concepts and creative features to a digital signage market otherwise traditional.

Nodeark - Logo (2).png

Here you can see one of our most important dissemination projects. This is the " Dynaphar " network.


This display includes a tablet that broadcasts live promotional messages that can be managed 100% remotely!


All you have to do is upload your message, an image, a video, etc. so that the screen broadcasts it in real time! 

Ecran Dynaphar (1)_edited.png
Ecran Dynaphar (2).png

Product display

Give added value to your products with video displays.

will grip  the attention of your customers and will reinforce the conversion  of these for the purchase of your product.

A simple way to
increase your sales.

Professional Screen

Biggest project in perspective?


Do you need an interactive kiosk?


Bright Business can carry out each of your projects with the know-how acquired over many years.

Image de mohammad alizade

Need information?

Do not hesitate to send us a message!

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