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3.96 billion people are present on social networks , or 51% of the world's population.

You are aware of this and you want to be present online but you do not know how to do it effectively.

It's there that  Bright  B factory  and its team of experts take care of everything!

From the creation of your accounts to their daily management, we analyze your project and adapt your online presence according to your identity and your objectives.

Your visibility is  boosted , you control your online presence, you develop your business.

Elaboration and definition
of your advertising strategy
Création réseaux sociaux
Implementation  of your campaign, planning, execution, technical applications (funnels...)
Analysis of results,
impact measurement.

Bright Business offers you total management of your "Facebook Ads" advertising campaigns . In this way, your targets will be defined and you will only reach your potential customers.

Strategies are implemented to achieve more conversions.  


Since the arrival of Facebook, traditional advertising has been completely revolutionized. Indeed, Facebook offers an incomparable level of targeting.

Well beyond the publication boosted in a geographical area, Facebook Ads allow you to target your prospects according to their habits, their behavior!

Supported by machine learning and re-targeting capabilities, Facebook campaigns offer a wide range of advertising targeting possibilities.


Advertising strategy

Bright Business develops the best advertising strategy for your campaigns to achieve your goals.


Technical deployment


We create a professional working environment. This involves the creation of a Business Manager, Facebook pixel management, product feeds, etc.


Precise and efficient targeting


Facebook Ads offers incomparable targeting capabilities: geographic criteria, areas of interest, lookalikes, retargeting...


Monitoring & Optimization


During the broadcast of the campaign, our teams optimize the various aspects of it in a continuous A/B testing approach.


Creation of your advertisements


Our company takes care of the graphic design for your advertisements: static images, videos, motion design, carousels, forms...




We provide you with comprehensive, tailor-made reporting for your campaign that gives you the ability to track your results.

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