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Nowadays, search engines require that the content of websites be of high quality, in order to be optimal and visited by a maximum number of Internet users. In addition, this quality of writing will allow a better referencing of your site.

Discover now the writing services we offer:

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Writing professional articles

Enhance your website, blog or any digital content with neat texts. We take care of transcribing your ideas into good French, we pay particular attention to spelling, syntax and grammar. Our texts promote your products and services.

Writing product sheets

Your products need clear and well-written descriptions. We produce product descriptions for all types of e-commerce (cosmetics, sport, industry, etc.). The product descriptions that we produce respect SEO and promote the natural referencing of Internet search engines.  

Press release writing

Do you want to communicate an important announcement? You have to present a new product but you are afraid of using the wrong phrases to develop your ideas?


Bright Business is responsible for providing you with qualitative and neat editorial content. We are ready to highlight your projects.

Storytelling (telling your story)

Do you own a brand? You have adequate visuals but you lack the story of your brand?


We can work on the story conveyed by it: What are the origins of the brand? What are the values? etc..


This will be an added value which will have the repercussions of creating a bond of trust and a better rate of commitment.  

Content Marketing

You are most certainly part of a sector that speaks to you, but does it speak to your potential customers? Get people to know you by communicating  catchy information, perfectly written and which brings them added value. Bright Business is committed to producing marketing content for you with neat and engaging texts.

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