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Our approach :

Whether your objective is marketing, explanatory or even educational, we identify with you the ideal style of video and take care of the production from A to Z.

We make films for companies, advertising or corporate films.  We integrate motion and sound design.


We offer you a creative audiovisual approach in order to enhance your video projects and offer you the necessary visibility on the various broadcasting media . Our services cover the entire filmmaking process: pre-production, production, post-production.

Video has become essential in your communication arsenal on the internet. The attention of the Internet user is a precious commodity.

The perception of your company is made through the image that you transmit.

Let us be your ambassadors of choice and join the customers who have trusted us.

Blackmagic Pocket 4K
DJI Ronin S2
Drone Mavic Air 2
Stabilisateur Feiyu
Action cam - Xiaomi 4K

From the idea to the scenario, we bring our experience to your project so that it is best suited to your budget and achieves your communication objectives. According to your request, we find a concept, write the scenario. Once validated, we plan the shooting. 


Production is the stage during which the images and sounds intended to make up the film are recorded. Since the production was imagined and planned during pre-production, each plan is known and a shooting order will be followed so that at the end of the shooting, all the images are in the box.


Post-production includes

all the techniques for finalizing a film after it has been shot: image editing, sound effects, sound editing, dubbing, mixing, special effects (titling, 2D and 3D effects, etc.)

the image. Finally, export in the format and media according to your needs  : Cinema, HD or SD TV, Web, Smartphone,…

Some examples :

Réalisation d'une vidéo publicitaire pour BET REX.

Realization of a video for the Parqueterie du Hainaut.

Installation of a new parquet floor for Belfius Mons Hainaut.

Production of a video for Iso Menuiserie .

Production of a video for an organized event

by the Synergy business club.

Realization of a video for the event "Smart 4 events" .

Création d'une vidéo campagne publicitaire

pour l'Artisan du châssis.

Realization of a motion design video for

Epilia in vertical format  intended for display advertising.

Realization of a video for the Artisan du Chassis .

Realization of a video for a hair salon .

Realization of a drone video for a Spanish client.

Realization of an animation for the group Etnic.

Production of a corporate video with interview for Etnic.

Création d'une vidéo campagne publicitaire

pour Girly Car.


Need information?

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