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Graphic identity

Bring out the values of your company through a powerful identity!

A brand is much more than a name in front of a product or service. It is a summary of everything that makes up your business: its mode of operation, its values, its place in society, its image, etc.

Creating a graphic identity involves several steps:

Conception graphique

Brand name


Our team will find the perfect name for your project, product or service. An easy to remember and unique name to set you apart from the competition!


We strive to stick with your values and the definition of your identity.


graphical charter


Then, once you have your logo, it is important to apply rules to it. So that no one can do anything with it (change in size, deformation, etc.).

We will also include the colors of the company, the fonts, the communication media with scenarios ( business cards, letterhead, flyers, leaflets, etc.).




After finding a name, you necessarily need a logo. You have no idea ? or do you like a particular style (minimalism, monograms, abstract,..)?


Bright Business will adapt to your desires to create a professional logo! In order to come up with something that suits you, we offer several ideas.


Deposit mark


Finally, to have total control and the greatest possible protection, it is essential to talk to you about the  intellectual property. This will protect you from any reproduction/plagiarism.


This is why we offer people who wish to register their mark in the international register with the possibility of renewal.


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